The Final Hope

If you reading this patchment the magical means used to reach you have worked.I do not know who are amd what the world you coming from is looking like, bu if you are reading this your heart is pure and your destiny is revealed to you. My world is dyimg the evil that rules the sea nad land has a cursed, endless hunger asking for more than our dimension, you might in fact .. aslo be in danger even if you choose to ignore this message. One your journer you will have to make a difficult and fearless action in order to save a live that carries somethis … of great importance for all cretion. If you choose soi cannot guarantee that you will be safe ever agian, nor that it will not change yor lofe forever. but .. choosing to embrace destiny will give a final hope for my world and possibly yours please porotect it guard it bring it ho safely, May the Seve sea's and skiew bless your wind. And may your will be as hard as the iron edge. Who ever you are my sword is yours gods speed.

Fallen from Grace

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